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Whitetail Deer Hunting
Connecticut WhitetailThe state of Connecticut has some of the finest whitetail deer and turkey hunting in New England. Deer densities of 30-50+ deer per square mile and an estimated 35,000 turkeys lead to long seasons and liberal bag limits. All hunts are fair chase and take place on privately leased land throughout eastern Connecticut. Stand locations vary from hardwood ridges and draws to agricultural fields and meadows.
There are no hidden trophy or game processing fees. The price we agree on when you book your trip is what you pay!  All hunts are customizable to fit your schedule and budget through alternative dining, lodging  and transportation plans.
Whitetail Deer
North East Outdoors BucksWhitetail deer hunting in Connecticut can be very exciting. In some of the coastal areas we hunt it's not uncommon to see ten plus deer on one stand. Connecticut seasons run from September 15 through December 31. Both resident and non-resident licenses are very affordable compared to other whitetail destinations and include two or four tags per hunter depending on the weapon/season. 
We spend a lot of time scouting and setting trail cameras and tree stands far in advance of the season to make sure you have the best chance to score on a big one.  ALL hunt packages include game retrieval, taxidermy referral.
                                                                                                                                        Small buck
 Northeast Outdoors HuntingMost of our deer hunting takes place from ladder stands and hang on stands but we also have a number of ground blinds located throughout our leases. We want you not only to have a successful hunt but also a safe hunt. We require that all guests hunting from tree stands on our leased land wear a full body safety harness. We do have spares but prefer you bring your own. All tree stand locations are equipped with pre-installed attachment points for immediately securing yourself as soon as you get in the stand.
 Many of our whitetail areas have large numbers of turkeys and archery shots on turkeys are common from whitetail stands. Fall archery hunting for turkey runs from September 26 - December 31 and can be combined with any whitetail archery hunt. We do not offer fall turkey hunts for firearms as we hunt many of the same areas we guide for whitetail deer. Fall turkey permits are available for an additional $19 (2 either sex birds).
Hunting Connecticut Bucks
Guided Hunts:
Semi-guided Archery HuntThe typical guided whitetail hunt with Northeast Outdoors is five full days of hunting, and includes daily transportation to and from hunting locations from local lodging establishments. When a deer is harvested we will track your deer if needed and get it out of the woods for you too.  We invest a lot of time and have done our homework to be able to put you in areas that produce. You can choose to hunt agricultural fields where chances of seeing many deer are great, or sit in wooded funnels and draws where sightings are fewer due to limited sight but chances of shooting deer are just as good. We want you to be comfortable and confident in the area you are hunting. We will show you trail camera photos of deer in the area and look at aerial maps of the particular parcels in which you will be hunting. All of our treestands and binds have well marked trails leading in and out with reflectors for early and late entry and exits. We have cover types and stand locations to fit almost any hunter's preference.
Semi-Guided Hunts:
Semi-guided Whitetail buckSemi-guided hunts can be any different amount of time in length, and this is where we can really customize a hunt to fit your budget. Typically on a semi-guided hunt, you will be given exclusive access to different parcels of private property where we will discuss the best strategies and stand locations for you to hunt. Getting in and out of the woods is determining stand location is on your own. Each property will have multiple tree stands and blinds available for your use but feel free to set your own.We offer every package and combination of services in between the semi-guided hunt and the guided hunt packages listed on this page. Feel free to call for more information on customizing a package that works for you.
Turkey hunting in Connecticut is some of the best in New England. We have lots of birds and minimal hunting pressure. These eastern birds are very responsive to calling. Multiple Tom turkeys often respond and can offer some very exciting hunting. Average birds weigh 18-22 lbs and are generally 2-3 years old. There are some really big birds that got away last year and are still around for hunters this year.
Connecticut Turkey Hunting
Guided turkey hunts are based on three days of hunting, transportation to and from field/hunting locations, blinds, decoys, calls, expert guide, bird recovery and processing. We typically hunt out of blinds with decoys in and around agriculture fields. We have very good success on turkey and there are lots of birds for the upcoming 2014 season.
Semi-guided turkey hunts include access to private land, 1 jake and 1 hen decoy, slate call and bird recovery and processing. Calling the birds in is on you! This hunt is very popular with the experienced turkey hunter. We scout and roost birds every day and will always do our best to get you on the birds.
State Land
Semi-guided state hunts are also available. This are of CT has lots of turkeys and our public lands can be very productive. We do a lot of scouting and have dozens upon dozens of agriculture fields which hold birds for the active run and gun type turkey hunter. These are very affordable hunts where we do the scouting and send you in the right direction.
Eastern Turkey at Northeast Outdoors
At North East Outdoors, we have no trophy fees. We also have no minimum size requirements. We encourage shooting doe on our leased land which is beneficial for population control as well as the farmer's crops.
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